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Let’s face it! The most vital part of our pet children’s overall health and well-being is directly related to their diet! We pride ourselves on hand selecting purpose driven diets to solve or prevent disease and malignant health. By offering 100% natural / Non-GMO diets with no chemical preservatives, we can ensure you are giving your pets the best!


Pet Grooming

It has often been said, “when you look your best, you feel your best”!  Using natural plant-based shampoos that cleanse, deodorize, moisturizer, and stop skin problems as well as prevent them. Our grooming services are as follows:

Custom cuts
Natural flea and tick baths
Therapeutic baths/massages
Just to name a few! Call in for an appointment!


Holistic Solutions / Treatments

Unlike conventional methods, we believe in a simple approach…. “treat the problem, and not the symptoms”!  By use of raw diets and organic-based supplements, the road to good health is only one paw print away! Call today to set up a free consultation!


Short Term Boarding

Any night outside of our home should be just as relaxing as it is enjoyable. Our pet children deserve the same! Here at Super Starr Pets each pet can enjoy a stress free stay in our luxury condos with comfort and privacy.


Pet Products

Our products are made from the best quality ingredients for our clients’ pets.  Many of our products are in stock or can be ordered based on request.  Our inventory includes pet food for cats and dogs, medicines, cages, bedding, as well as toys and accessories.  Come visit our store to view these affordable products.

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